How to Check and Correct Thin Non-Printing Areas

To prevent small non-printing areas where the garment color shows through from “closing” or “filling in”, make sure those open areas are at lest 2 pts thick. Play close attention to text areas that may be illegible if they would fill in. The screen shot example shows the opening in the letter “A” is smaller than they 2 pt tolerance.

This can be checked using the same “tolerance line” method used to check printing areas. Just adjust the stroke to 2 pts.

Correcting Thin Non-Printing Areas

There are a couple of options, the easiest is to scale the image to open up the non-printing areas. If that is not preferred, zooming in and using the direct select tool to choose specific points and adjust them to open up those areas. In the case of type, you could elect to use a font that provides larger non-printing areas.

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