Checking Size of Artwork - Illustrator

Need help checking the size of your artwork?

Here's some tips, tricks and troubleshooting to get you through the basics of size checking in Adobe Illustrator.

We started with a simple vector PDF file that we created in Illustrator. Since everything in this art is a true vector, it's going to be pretty seamless to check the size of the artwork. Lets start with opening our file -- You can either drag it into your AI application, right click > Open With > Adobe Illustrator or in Illustrator File > Open > Browse & find the document you would like to open. 

Next we want to make sure that all of the layers are unlocked. If they are locked you will not be able to select them and see what size they are. You will do this in your Layers panel. *If you don't have this open already you can find it under the menu bar Window > Layers. Ours is in the first section of our tools on the right hand side of the page. 

Now that all of the art is unlocked, we can Select All to find out the true size of the art. Keep in mind, we may have to go through some troubleshooting here! 

There are 2 ways I like to select all:

From the menu bar: Select > All

Keyboard shortcut: CMD + A

Once you have the size of your artwork selected, you should can see the size of your artwork listed in 2 places. 

One on the menu bar listed under W: x H:

The other you can find under your info box. You can find this by going to the top menu Window > Info. A little box showing X: Y: and W: H: will pop up. We like to use both and it may be handy if you are working on a small screen like a laptop. 

It looks like our artwork is around 227" high! It should be around the size of a postcard! Something went wrong in our artwork. Let's troubleshoot. 

First thing's first, we want to click off the artwork or deselect all and repeat the steps. If we still get the same size we know that there is something unwanted in our work space somewhere we need to remove. 

We're going to use the zoom tool to zoom all the way out to see if we can find anything. You can find the zoom tool at the bottom of your tools palette. To have the zoom out (it should have a "-" not a "+") simply press OPTION while you are actively using the tool. 

The keyboard shortcut for this is OPTION + -

Zoom out, out, out, out. We found the culprit! There is a point at the top and the bottom of our work space causing the wrong size to be showing -- they are very small so we circled them for you to see. We're going to deselect (click off the artwork) and just select and delete these 2 areas. 

Once this has been done we're going to zoom back in either using the zoom tool (be sure that is it set to "+") OR keyboard shortcut CMD + 0 will zoom you back in to your artboard space. 

We've gone ahead and Select > ALL or CMD + A to select all of our artwork. Approximately 6" x 4" is more like it! Now we have the right size of our artwork. If we need to change it we can do so in the top right hand corner where it lists W: x H: 

To be sure that it remains proportionate, be sure that the "link" between width and height is "connected" when typing in different sizes. 

Edit: Please note that on Windows computers CMD is equal to CTRL on the keyboard shortcuts.

If you have any other questions regarding size of artwork or tips on re-sizing artwork, do not hesitate to reach out to our Art Services department at:

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