Asset and Project Management

Enable your entire team to collaborate on the creative process from anywhere.

Stop storing your artwork and customer information on different computers, backup hard drives and personal online accounts.

1) Set up Customers

Create a few customer profiles. Everything you put into Printro can be associated with a customer profile. 

  • Create a customer
  • Enter desired customer information
  • Upload company logo for a more personalized experience
  • Utilize an already active customer
  • Project, products, and artwork could be made specific to your customer

2) Create Projects

Projects are an organizational tool to help keep things organized. Digital Assets & Products can be associated with a customer Project(s).

  • Create Project
  • Utilize an already active project (2)

3) Upload Digital Assets

Upload one or many artwork assets. Categorize, tag, and store essential artwork data.

  • Take artwork management a step further with Versions
  • Upload art with the same design elements under your Artwork Group
  • Different colors, sizes and print production methods