Can I Use an Iron Or Cricut EasyPress to Apply Heat Transfers or DTF Transfers??

Short Answer? No. Using an iron or the Cricut easy press does not offer sufficient pressure or accurate temperature control needed to apply a heat transfer effectively


Our heat transfers and DTF transfers products use plastisol. 

Plastisol transfers differ from HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) in the sense that simply activating the adhesive is not sufficient to complete the application. When it comes to plastisol heat transfers, it is crucial to apply adequate and uniform pressure, along with maintaining precise and consistent temperature levels. This ensures that the transfer is applied correctly, resulting in a high-quality outcome.

Unfortunately, using a regular iron or the Cricut EasyPress does not provide the necessary amount of pressure or precise temperature control that is required to effectively apply a heat transfer.. Therefore, it is essential to utilize specialized equipment specifically designed for plastisol transfers to achieve optimal results.