Fine Details - Full Color

Fine Details are elements in your artwork where the ink is actually printed. There are some areas that may fall below our minimum print tolerance, which have a specific line/area thickness for full color CMYK images. This is to ensure small areas and fine details print clearly. 

Line Thickness Full Color Printing

  • Full Color on whites & 100% Black Lines - Line/area thickness .25pt or .0035 of an inch
  • Full Color to be opaque on all colored garments - Line/area thickness 3 pt. or 0.04166 of an inch
  • Colored Outlines - Line/area thickness 2 pt. or 0..02776 of an inch
  • White & Black Outlines - Line/area thickness 1 pt. or 0.01388 of an inch
  • Stand-alone white -  1 pt. or 0.01388 of an inch (positive space) & 2 pt. or 0..02776 of an inch (negative space)

These print areas are designated with a GREEN line. The thickness of the line represents the minimum print tolerance.

Any areas that are thinner than 3 pt. will not be backed in white and will not appear opaque on dark garments.