How Do Setup Fees Work?

Setup fees are paid each time you place an order within any of our "single-image" programs.

Do I pay a setup fee each time for single image programs?

Yes, setup fees are paid each time an order is placed (including reorders), even if its for the same image in a different color, size or formula. For instance: If you have the same image in two different sizes you will pay the setup fee twice. Setup fees for single-image programs allows us to offer a very low "cost-per-imprint" with a "baseline" setup fee that covers:

  1. Screening
  2. Burning your image(s)
  3. Manual process of printing your order, including:
    1. Loading your screens
    2. Setting up the flood bar
    3. Inspecting and quality checking your prints
    4. Cutting your prints
    5. Packaging and shipping your prints
  4. Reclaiming your screen

Aren't there setup fees for gang sheets?

No, gang sheet pricing has a little bit of a higher cost associated with the sheets because many of our customers put multiple location designs on one sheet. This gives a lower "cost-per-imprint" than the single-image programs and is beneficial to those doing multiple designs in multiple locations on one shirt in lower quantities. Because of the way that we setup our pricing for gang sheets, we do not charge setup fees for our gang sheets.