How Gang Sheets Work

Gang sheets contain multiple images on the same sheet.

If you already a file ready to go, go ahead and get started!

What Sizes Are Available in Gang Sheets?

Are There Setup Fees?

Nope! No setup fees with gang sheets.

I Need a Custom Color. Can You Do That?

You're in the right place! Custom PMS colors are only available through gang sheet ordering. Custom colors typically cost $45 additional per color, available for selection when uploading your artwork to our canvas. Learn All About Custom Pantones Here.

Prepare Your Gang Sheet Before Uploading

It is super important to understand that we do not gang your artwork on a gang sheet for you, you will need to do that before uploading it to our system.

Need Help Setting Up Your Gang Sheet?

Our art team can set up a gang sheet for you for a nominal fee. Fill out THIS FORM and our art team will provide you with a quote on creating a gang sheet for you.

Do I Have To Have Multiple Images on a Gang Sheet?

Nope! You can put just one image on a gang sheet, if you want! For instance: if you have just one image 12.75" x 19" and want to put it on our XL sheet, have at it!