Neon Artwork Specifications

Interested in having Neon transfers printed but not not sure where to start?

Fret not! Here to help. 

True Neon transfers are a great way to get a pop of color on light or dark colored garments, but they do have more specific art prep than our standard spot color programs. Neons are ordered under gang sheet pricing and cost an extra $30 per custom color. Learn more about custom colors here.

What is a Neon? Think day-glow and Fluorescent! Neon colors, by nature are transparent due to the high amount of pigmentation. To ensure opacity and brightness on dark and/or colored garments we to recommend a white backer. Keep in mind that a white backer would need to be chosen as an additional color during checkout, more on that later. 

Below is a guide to common Neon Pantone colors:

  • PMS 801C
  • PMS 802C
  • PMS 803C
  • PMS 804C 
  • PMS 805C
  • PMS 806C 
  • PMS 807C Whats a white backer and why do I need it? 

Ever used a highlighter on colored paper? That's the same idea here. On white garments, neon inks look as they should. To simulate this, we add white ink behind