Storing Your Transfers

How to store your DTF tranfers and custom heat transfers is a question we get a lot, so it's important to make sure you're keeping them in their "happy place."

Keep Them In a Dry Location

Keeping the transfers from high humidity will prevent them from peeling off of the paper before you're ready to press them.

Room Temperature Is Best

Don't subject your transfers to any extreme temperatures (except when pressing, of course.)

No Direct Sunlight

In addition to possibly fading the colors of the transfers sitting in direct sunlight for years, it also heats the transfers, causing them to stick together.

Sealed Containers Are Ideal

Keeping the transfers free of dirt/debris/dust will ensure you get a clean pressing after storage.

Lay Them Flat

Paper can curl over time, so make sure you store these transfers on a flat surface, not on end or at an angle.

Don't Stack Anything On Top Of Them

Putting A LOT of transfers on top of one another can cause the transfers to stick together toward the bottom of the pile, which results in ruined transfers. Storing them in stacks of 50-100 or less is a great way to reduce the possibility of that happening.

Shelf Life

We do recommend using transfers within 3 years of purchase, provided you follow all of the above instructions. Keep in mind, with the numerous variables in storage, we only guarantee the transfers for 30 days. Please visit our Warranty page for full details.